Common Sense Politics

Sep 3

Politics and Fact

The Issue

Much of politics is based on emotion rather than fact.

Common Sense Politics

Many Americans vote based on emotion, as in, who makes them feel better. They make decisions on politicians based on who they’d like to have a beer with or who will make them feel safe. The difficulty with this kind of voting is that it often elects politicians who are there because of people’s emotions rather than for any ability to solve problems.

The next time you’re considering voting for a candidate, ask yourself what the facts are. Facts are verifiable pieces of information, we can actually research them and find they are accurate based on evidence. Based on his or her beliefs or voting record what is the politician likely to do? How will he deal with the challenges the country faces? How do his beliefs and values impact his decision making? What is the substance of the candidate beyond any emotional reaction?

As long as we keep making decisions based on emotion we’ll get candidates who pander to that part of us rather than our rational minds. Without serious consideration of the issues impacting America all we’re left with is politicians who play on our emotions rather than fix our problems.